The Canyon Sampler

by Eleanor

This sampler features songs from Eleanor's debut album, The Canyon, as well as an exclusive acoustic track, "Come Morning Light." According to co-frontman Courtney Mason, “The album explores different forms of loss; from the loss of a friendship to the loss of youth, and deeper losses.”

A full-length album was a huge undertaking for the Mobile, AL band, as one of the goals was to write, record, mix, package, and release the entire album independently while still in school full-time. The finished product came of months of reworking songs, self-producing, fine-tuning, and hand-packaging. The band launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in Spring 2014 to have the album mastered by Brian Lucey, who has mastered “Port of Morrow” by The Shins, “I Won’t Be Long” by Beck, “B Room” by Dr. Dog, “Supernova” by Ray Lamontagne, "Brothers,” “El Camino,” and “Turn Blue” by The Black Keys, “AM” by the Arctic Monkeys, as well as singles for Sigur Ros.The full album is available for download at eleanorband.bandcamp.com, and physical copies are available at mkt.com/eleanor.