"Eight" - Intro Video

This project was for a sermon illustration comparing how impossible the task of traveling to the moon must have sounded to Americans in the sixties, to how impossible the task of carrying the gospel to the ends of the Earth must have sounded to the first-century church. Direction, editing, and score by Christian Hilley.

Seriously? - Series Bumper

Bumper for a sermon series that takes a closer look at some common expressions that may not be biblical. 
Created in Photoshop and Adobe Premiere. 

Ant Farm Mobile - Who We Are

Ant Farm Mobile is a collaborative effort to highlight the creative community in Alabama, focusing in the Mobile area. This is a video created to highlight and briefly explain the concept of their vision.
Direction, editing, and filming by Christian Hilley.

Monsters' Ball - "Mystery Man" Instagram Microseries

Monsters' Ball is the annual Halloween dance at the University of Mobile, which always means we get to have a little bit of fun with promotion. Our PR team had the idea to do a 4-part Instagram video series, in the style of an old thriller/suspense film, and released one 15-second video a day leading up to the event to keep the event buzz going among the students.